Host A GMBMB Retreat

Let's put together an event IN YOUR AREA!

Earn Discount or FREE Retreat for YOU

  • Help line up the facility
  • Post announcements
  • Help register attendees
  • Help connect with healthy food caterers

*Fee per attendee varies - depending on local facility cost factors

What better gift can you give yourself, your loved ones & community - than your own wholeness and wellbeing?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Have you noticed how health insurance & main stream medicine have failed you and your loved ones?

Yearning and ready for self empowerment?

Partner With Us


We will share event funds with your favorite organization - (some minimums apply).

  •  Get the members involved
  •  Post flyers
  •  Hand out invitations
  •  Send announcement to your email list
  •  Assist your community be more aware and healthier

What ideas do YOU have?

We LOVE To Collaborate &

Co-Create - Don't YOU?

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